Stratton Adventures Guided Snowmobile Tours

She said yes!!

We go out every night to explore the slopes of Stratton Mountain Resort on our guided 1-hour snowmobile tours. Our unique mountain tours allow us to play in the snow even when Mother Nature can’t keep up with our demands to start our snowmobiles due to a lower snow accumulation. We can thank our hardworking snow-makers at Stratton Mountain Resort for that!

We primarily use Arctic Cat, two person snowmobiles. A full time-slot will typically include up to 5 or 6 snowmobiles (10-12 guests in total). We can also accommodate larger groups as well, we’ll just need to discuss a time-slot tailored to your larger party over the phone at 802.379.1483. In total you can expect to spend about an hour and a half upon arrival at your reserved check-in time. Our time slots involve a first-come first-serve reservation policy, which means our availability and time slots are constantly changing.

Check-in times everyday except Saturdays & Holidays: 
5:00pm | 6:30pm | 8:00pm

Check-in times Saturdays & Holidays:
4:30pm | 4:45pm | 5:50pm | 6:10pm | 7:00pm | 7:20pm | 8:20pm | 8:30pm

Time slots are reservation based, meaning availability is always changing.

Call us at 802-379-1483 earlier rather than later to guarantee you and your crew a tour time.

We are a reservation based company.
Capacity is limited. Please call 802-379-1483. A credit card will be required to hold your reservation.
Cancellations must be received 48 hours before your scheduled time, if you cancel within that 48 hours without prior notification it will not result in a refund.

$119 + tax

DOT Approved helmets provided, 400 lb max.
-Drivers must have a valid US or international drivers license.

-All drivers must complete a waiver prior to their tour. Waivers are valid only when signed by an adult (18 years) or a guardian.

-Please note that the waiver will ask if you’d like collision insurance coverage for an additional $15. The insurance comes with a $250 deductible.
You may download our waiver form here.

$45 + tax

DOT Approved helmets provided, 400 lb max.
-There can only be 1 passenger per sled.

-A passenger may ride with the tour guide.

-Passengers must be at least 5 years old.

-Passengers can switch and driver too! As long as they have a valid drivers license and have signed our waiver.

How to Dress:

  • Please dress appropriately with a winter jacket, snow pants, gloves, a scarf or neck gator, and proper winter footwear.

  • We provide our guests with DOT approved snowmobile helmets before departure.

  • A helmet sock is highly recommended. If you do not have one, then a neck warmer is best.

  • Hats and goggles are unnecessary. Our DOT approved snowmobile helmets are insulated and include shields.

Special Events

Prices are per hour, include an event manager, DOT approved and insulated helmets, guides & Insurance.  Prices are shown including tax. These tours are only available to non-Holiday and non-Saturday dates. 2-hour minimum tours.


$625 - 5 sleds + 1 guide
$1,000 - 8 sleds + 2 guides
$1,125 - 9 sleds + 2 guides
$1,250 - 10 sleds + 2 guides

2 hour minimum.  No charge for time (30 min).

Only applies to non-holiday and non-Saturday dates.

Snowmobiling is fun for all ages and the perfect winter adventure to make your special occasion unforgettable.
Whether its a children’s birthday party with Mini Rides or a corporate retreat adventure, Stratton Snowmobile Tours can accommodate your needs.
Call us today at 802-379-1483 to schedule a winter adventure you’ll remember for years to come!